At ITW Automotive Aftermarket Europe we have 5 core values: Integrity, Respect, Trust, Shared Risk, Simplicity. Our values are our corporate DNA. By embracing our values, we create an environment that allows innovation to thrive and that leads us forward to reach our full potential.


Suppliers and customers who work with ITW know they can expect the same treatment no matter where they are: honesty, transparency and a company that always aims to do what’s right.


ITW respects insights at all levels and expects the diverse workforce to be embraced with respect and dignity and all views to be recognized


The company trusts that all ITW colleagues will operate with the highest professional standards and in the best interests of the company at all times.

Shared Risk

ITW encourages well-reasoned, prudent risk-taking in an environment where challenges are discussed openly. At ITW, everyone works as part of a team, sharing responsibility for the outcomes of individual risks and decisions.


ITW keeps things simple by focusing on the essential core of any business opportunity, challenge, issue or problem.